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Old and New

1 Sep

Hits on my blog have gone up in the last couple of days and I only just realised that it’s because way back when I thought this might be some kind of fashion blog, (I know. What?) I wrote a short bio on Corinne Day who passed away last Friday. R.I.P.

I actually wrote that piece as part of my journalism course which you wouldn’t believe I ever took with all the rambling crap that spills out of my brain on to this blog.  Luckily it paid off and now I am given money to write so I can pretty much sack this one off.

JUST KIDDING GANG! I would never do that. I wouldn’t. But I’ll leave you with this: my brain is currently being held in a Reiss vice but will return in due course.  In the mean time…LOOK! I went to Paris with my friend Gail force! And Plan B got us VIP tickets to a festival! But we accidentally missed him! And so we watched LCD Soundsystem!  And we ate frumps! I love Pareeee. It’s Rad.