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Pretty Pink

29 Jun



Life Lounge

28 Jun


Rosie spends all her time at Tentopia, a mystical encampment surrounded by Bluebells in the middle of the woods where she dances to the sounds of nature.  She calls it her sanctuary.  She used to get straight A’s but now hears voices in her head and struggles to get any passing grades.

Worthy (of a post) Farm

27 Jun

So it’s Glastonbury this weekend and boo/hiss to the fact that I’M NOT THERE.  Watching it on telly is like sticking pins in my eyes.  Luckily I have these little snipets of last year to keep the memories afresh…


The best things about Glastonbury 08:

Front row at KOL, dancing under the stars in Shangri-La, invite into a tipi after getting hi on MGMT, knee-high socks- Jay- Z rocked, camping in Glade listening to the music fade…


One Flew Over the Crow’s Nest

25 Jun

At half past twelve today I entered a bank.  A gentleman in a London Underground uniform was talking on his mobile phone in front of me; he turned and smiled mournfully at me.  He had an air of profound misfortune about him.

“I’m so very tired these days, exhausted in fact. It’s just so hard to get going”  He was saying into his mobile phone.

I was so delighted to hear that a member of the RMT had managed to expand his mind set such a great deal over the past two weeks….Perhaps he mistook my blond mop of hair for that of Mr. Johnson.

Corinne Day- The Face of Fashion

24 Jun


Corinne Day is one of few photographers who started out her career in front of the camera rather than behind.  As a former model, she grasped the concept of photography naturally and by the time the early ninety’s came around, had edged her very distinctive style onto the fashion scene.  Her solitary taste comes across remarkably in her candid and hard-edged images, a style which she pioneered at the beginning of her career.  One of the reasons for this is perhaps the use of her unconventional and submissive models, many of whom she already held a close relationship with.  Her work poses a vast contrast to mainstream fashion photography, taking on a more documented and confessional style often very insensate and harrowing.

Her photographs from the 2007 exhibition ‘Face of Fashion’ saw many painful images taken of Day’s personal friends, many heroine addicts in several extremely bleak surroundings.  Her photograph of friend Tania Court is an uncomfortable image taken in a disordered, domestic setting with inhospitable lighting and distasteful décor reflecting the grey life of a drug addict.  As above, many photos from this collection present the girls wearing casual but revealing outfits showing off scarred skin, ironically posing provocatively.  Day’s pictures often evoke a feeling of invasion due to the apparent vulnerability of the girls and their dishevelled appearance.  Tania’s awkward, almost childlike pose in this photo induces an innocence about her and a contrast to her revealing top.  Clearly in a moment of thought, this picture of Tania also reveals Day’s carefree attitude towards privacy.  Her bond with Tania and many of the other models she photographs, allows her to capture moments of intimacy and private thought, contrasting typical fashion images and model-photographer relationships.  Up until Day’s arrival on the scene, fashion photography was often quite formal, carefully styled and civilized.  Day’s spontaneity and lack of technical attention has managed to establish her as one of photography’s revolutionaries.





Brogues and Blazers

23 Jun

blazers and brogues

– enough said.


London Psychoanalysis- Part 1

23 Jun

The entering of personal space–the toe of a lagger’s shoe behind you catches the heel of yours, thus throwing you into that awkward saunter which leaves you chaotically trying to flip your shoe back onto your foot.  Fear of having to walk as if you are wearing slip-ons (and consequently ruin your shoes) sets in and you reach down with your hook finger, suddenly you look like a frenzied, dancing marsupial.  Anywhere else in the U.K of course, you would stop, correct position of shoe and carry on but in London you can’t stop, you just can’t.